What's Our Goal

Targets of our platform is

Entrepreneurs & Tech People

We aim to communicate with
entrepreneurs and technical people
close to your region.

Effective Team Building

We aim to match people with you who
want to teamwith you according to certain criteria.

MVP Development

We aim to prepare an MVP product
page and project plan page that you can
easily offer to investors.

Evaluate incoming team requests!

Share your idea as summary as possible and discuss. After, evaluate incoming team requests for your project.

  • You can directly communicate with people close to your location.
  • You can evaluate team requests, for developing your MVP project.
  • You can create custom team and project page and you can win followers.
Location Base Support Direct interaction with users close to you Quick interaction with users in the system Team up with the people you choose Learn your competitors in the market

The differences between us and the competitors

When you register to "leapcrowd", you can instantly communicate with people close to you and you can create your team as soon as possible.

leapcrowd's working method will built in on to share your idea in summary, to evaluate your team requests and to build your MVP product in a short time. The reasons for choosing these methods are: if there are not enough person in your area;

  • You can get opinions from distant persons and can get team requests
  • Getting information from the community about similar projects
  • Building remote core teams for you and your product.
Share Your Idea

Share your idea, discuss the answers and build your team.


You can directly communicate with people close to your location.

Build Core Team

Evaluate incoming team requests and build your core team.

Project Page

Build project page and get followers.

Our Membership packets

If our standard plan is not enough for you, you can choose your pricing plan

We have three differet type of membership plans for you. When you register to the leapcrowd, you are automatically included in the "Beginner" package. If this is not enough for you, you can choose other membership plans.


Monthly Package

  • Share an idea & discuss
  • Build a team
  • Directly communicate with persons close to your location
  • Listing persons 15 times
  • Send request to join established teams
  • Adding job advertisement 2 time

Monthly Package

  • Beginner package rights
  • Open 3 different project pages and get followers
  • Directly communicate with persons
  • Listing persons 30 times
  • Create your 3 different team pages
  • Create your app page 1 time
  • Send notification your project followers
  • Adding job advertisement 5 times

Monthly Package

  • Growing package rights
  • Listing persons without limit
  • Create your team pages without limit
  • Create your app pages without limit
  • Send SMS and notification to your app followers
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