Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the use and protection of personal information of users through (It will be referred to as "leapcrowd" in the privacy policy.) Leapcrowd will not use the personal information of the users except to the extent that it is determined by this privacy policy but will be shared with the third party with the user's explicit consent. Leapcrowd takes the necessary precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of transactional information that users have realized. Leapcrowd can use other programs for this purpose. However, leapcrowd will not be liable for any damage or loss of personal information as a result of attacks on the website and / or system, even if Leapcrowd takes necessary information security measures.

We want you to understand what kind of information we collect when you use our service:

When you log in to a leapcrowd account, we store only your session information. However, we may collect your browser information, application name or device-specific unique identifiers that you use,too. We will receive your consent in such a case. We collect these informations because we want you to remember your preferences and we will want to give you a better service and more effective team building with people.

Information you create or provide us with:

Whenever you create an account on leapcrowd, we will receive your open data from any of your linkedin / facebook accounts. When you create your account with social network accounts, we record your e-mail address, your profile photo that you used public, your current job position at your workplace, and your profession's information. However, we also record the information entered by you. (your location information - country name, city name, district name -, weekly hour info for any project, support type for any project) If you want to upgrade your profile rating you have to enter your skill information, your profession position title, a resume describing yourself, information of where you are working and your startup experience will be taken. In addition, your messages, team requests, posts and project informations are carefully protected. All of the above information will be stored in leapcrowd and will only share by leaprowd members at specific stages. When you build a team, your email address information will be send your team members. The reason for doing this is that if leapcrowd is attacked or you can not communicate instantly with leapcrowd, we don't want to block your communication with your team.

How we use the information we receive from you:

We share your data with leapcrowd members on specific steps. These specific steps are; building team and analyze a profile. We may also use it later evaluate the performance of the people on the team and to determine that anybody's information is honestly entering.

Information we do not store on Leapcrowd:

LeapCrowd does't store your citizenship number, tax id, phone number, and credit card information.

Changes in this policy:

This Privacy Policy will be changed from time to time. We do not restrict your rights under this Privacy Policy without explicitly obtaining your consent. We always specify the date of the last modification and you have access to the archived versions for your review. If the changes are important, we'll give you a more noticeable notice. (like an email notification)

Contact with Leapcrowd:

For more information about Leapcrowd and for more information about privacy, you can contact at at any time for your questions, comments and complaints.

Last Update: 2018-10-02