What's Our Goal

Targets of our platform

Entrepreneurs & Tech People

We want you to team up with all the entrepreneurs and technical people, regardless of their location, with priority being given to those close to the region.

Effective Team Building

We aim to match people with you who want to teamwith you according to certain criteria.

MVP Development

We aim to prepare an MVP product page and project plan page that you can easily offer to investors.

Evaluate incoming team requests


Affordable Pricing




Communicating with people close to you.
Sending team requests to people close to you.
Share an idea & discuss
Creating one-time project.
Evaluation of team requests.

And More


$ 120.00

Per user/ month

Build a team with as many persons as you want.
Sending team requests to as many persons as you want.
Build a team page for your teams.
Build a project page for your project.

And More

Our Technology Investors

The Most Asked Questions To Us

When you register to leapcrowd, you can instantly communicate with people close to you and you can create your team as soon as possible. Leapcrowd's working method will built in on to share your idea in summary, to evaluate your team requests and to build your MVP product in a short time.

Can I build my team in free version?

Absolutely! You can open a project or you can share your idea. After that, you can evaluate incoming team requests but you can only choose 2 persons in outside your location and 1 person from in your location.

Are there investors on this platform?

No. We don't want to include any investors yet. We just want that people build their own core teams and manage them.

Can I change my location information later?

No. You can only enter your location information once when you are registered. After that, you can reach everyone by share your idea and project.

I don't have a facebook or linkedin account. How can I register?

We can't do anything about it right now. We need real people in our platform. If entrepreneurs and technical people love our project, we can disable this option later.

I'm afraid of the idea being stolen. How can this platform work for me?

Unfortunately, we don't believe it. We believe that the application of each idea will be different.
If the same dream is being see by at least 1 million people, how can you prove that your idea has yours?
The only way you can prove it, it's to build it into practice.

Can we make friends like Facebook or Linkedin?

No. We believe in the power of the crowd. For this reason, we want to focus only building new things on this platform. But you can directly send message or team request to persons in your location in the conditions of your membership package. In this platform, your team members are your friends. If you'd like to make some friends, you should use facebook,twitter or linkedin.